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Insight, Moments of Being follows the adventures of Barbara who has been initiated into the worlds of spirit and esoteric understanding first by her grandmother and then by a mysterious teacher whom she visits on the astral plane. It is the story of her journey from student to teacher and the subtle yet profound transition when she realizes that it is time to pay back for the gifts she has received. Unfolding within the backdrop of New York City, Barbara’s odyssey takes her to Cleopatra’s Needle, the Egyptian Gallery at the Metropolitan Museum, the Garden of Stones at the Jewish Heritage Museum, a painting of Joan of Arc and other New York landmarks. Insight, Moments of Being is the third book in a trilogy but stands on its own as a profoundly beautiful spiritual read.The first two books In-Formation, Moments of Realization; and In-Tuition, Moments of Awakening are available at &

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Price: $15.00
Softcover: 197 pages
Dimensions: 6×9 inches

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